Yay! You're here!

Yay! You're here!


Hi friends!

It's sort of surreal for me to be writing this, knowing if you're reading it, that you've visited my store.


The dream I've dreamed since I was in college. 

It has gone through so many iterations since those classroom doodles and daydreams. And I'm sure it is going to go through so many more as it hopefully grows and succeeds.

I tried for a while to push myself into ideas that seemed easier or more practical or more doable. Into branding that was a little less 'fun' and a little more 'sophisticated' but none of it clicked until I surrendered to the pops of pink and sparkle that are embedded in my soul.

You can read more about the whats and whys of Chapel Market on the "Meet the Market" page on the website, but in the meantime I'd like to just say thanks!

Thanks for checking out my store! Even if you're not in the engagement stage of life, I hope you'll find some items that make you happy or make you think of someone in your life who might love them.

I hope you'll share this store with your friends and family and that my little market can be a part of their special days.

I'll be using this blog space to share all kinds of fun ideas for bachelorette trips, party themes, recipes and more so I hope you'll keep visiting to see all the fun that's happening here!

Wishing you a life of love and fun,


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